Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 7th?? Birthday David

No David is not 7 he turned 34. But there is a really strange but good reason the pie has a 7 on it. David had requested a pie not a birthday cake this year. I knew 34 candles were not going to fit on a pie so I decided to put the number candles on instead. I was pretty sure I had a 3 and a 4 but when I went to put them in the pie all I could find was a 3, 5, and 7. Boy was I in a pickle, so I used my noodle and thought well 3 plus 4 equals 7 so that is what he got on his pie. David thought it was cute and it worked. David had a great birthday and enjoyed all of his presents. And he is definitely going to enjoy going to the Rockets vs Celtics game in November. And yes just in case you are wondering he will be wearing his Celtics shirt not his Rockets shirt.

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