Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Car Problems

For the past month or so, we have been having difficulty turning the car off when the car was running (i.e the key would not turn to the off position). Earlier this week, we tried to turn the car off and it would not turn off. I finally stalled the car since it is a standard and we were able to turn it off and get the key out. However, the next day when we went to start the car the key would not turn. So after some web searching, we decided to get new keys made because our keys are quite worn out. Thirty-seven dollars later ($7 for the keys, $25 for them to imprint the key and of course tax) we had new keys. But alas, we still could not turn the key in the ignition. Back to Saturn we went, this time to by a lock cylinder to the tune of $90. Ouch!!! After some help from someone in our ward. We were able to replace the lock cylinder and the car works again. Hooray!!!
P.S. Thanks also go to my dad for being the chauffer this week while we were down to one car for the whole family. And he also helped with the fixing as well.

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