Friday, June 19, 2009

A visit with Grandma and Grandpa Brown Pt 1

After 3 year of begging, we finally got Grandma and Grandpa Brown to come back to Texas and visit. They got into town 1 o'clock Wednesday morning. Wednesday we stayed around the house for most of the day. Yesterday Pop-pop (Braithwaite) acted as our chauffer and he brought us down to Kemah. We thought the girls would love to run in the fountain there at Kemah. But for some reason the fountain was not working at its best so we loaded back up and headed to Galveston for a ferry ride. There is a ferry that goes across to the Bolivar penisula. The girls love going on the ferry. They like to stand on the bow. Especially on the way back when the water splashes up on the bow and they get soaking wet.

Playing in the fountain at Kemah

Grandma, Grandpa Brown and the girls on the ferry

Pop-pop, Grandpa Brown and the girls

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