Friday, June 26, 2009

Lab Rat

One of the members of our ward works downtown doing research for UT. He called me last week because he needed someone for a research study he was doing. I happened to fit the qualifications the research project is looking for so on Tuesday I went in for my first session of tests. The project I am helping with is a study on dyslexia. I am in the control group. On Tuesday, I took a lot of tests. Some of the tests were attention tests, patterns, math, reading, spelling, etc. Some of the math I had not seen in years but I was surprised how much I did remember. But I could not remember for the life of me how to do differentials. Yuck!! Next week I will be finish my testing and they will also do a MEG scan and an MRI of my brain. A MEG scan is where they will hook up metal things to my brain and record my brain activities. After they do the MEG scan they are going to put it with my MRI. What they are hoping to do is build a map of my brain. Sounds kind of neat. At least to me it does.

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