Friday, June 19, 2009

Just not herself

Kaylee was sick pretty much all last week. She woke up last Monday morning throwing up and she never moved from the couch, refuse to eat, and did not want to drink. The poor thing slept all that day. Tuesday she had a little more life but she had a bad case of diarrhea. We thought she was doing better on Wednesday because she actually was playing a little but she still did not want to eat and still had diarrhea. Then thursday she woke up again throwing up. She was still very lethargic so we brought her to the pediatrician. The Dr. thought it was viral and said if she got even more lethargic or some other things to bring her to Texas Children's ER. To me Kaylee was very lethargic so I was trying to figure out how much more lethargic the Dr. wanted her to be. She is doing much better but she lost 1.5 lbs according to the Dr. I really think she lost more than that.
So sick she fell asleep on the foot stool

Sisterly concern

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