Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visit Part 3

Yesterday, we headed back to Lake Jackson to make another attempt at visiting the Sea Center. This time it was open. And we really enjoyed ourselves. The Sea Center is a cooperative effort with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Dow Chemical. It is set up to educate people on the different saltwater/freshwater habitats of Texas. The building itself has different marine exhibits set up. Outside it has a wetland walkway and the fish hatcheries. You have to schedule an appointment to see the fish hatchery so we did not see that part but we saw everything else. It was definitely worth the drive down there and best of all it is free to the public. In fact, I would love to figure out how I can bring my Aquatic Science classes down there for a field trip. I already bring them to Galveston so I would have to figure out how to convince my principal to let me go on two.
Grandma & Grandpa Brown (watch out there is a shark behind you)
David and I with the girls

Grandpa Brown and the girls

Naomi doing a rubbing of a sea horse

The touch tank

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