Monday, July 5, 2010

Over the river, and through the woods... Grandmother's house we go. (And Pop-pop's too of course!!)

All plugged in and ready to go!
On the road!
When I was offered the job at the zoo this summer, one of the big questions was who was going to take care of the girls. At the time, David was still in the hospital and we did not know if he would be up to the challenge of taking care of the girls if he came home. After some serious pondering, I took my parents up on their offer for the girls to spend the summer with them. So on June 4th, the girls left with my parents to spend the summer with them up in Illinois. Then on June 7th, David left to spend the summer with his parents in Arizona. Talk about an empty nest for me. I really miss David and the girls. However, this time away from them is giving me some much needed time to heal. I talk to the girls and David every night on the phone. The girls are really enjoying their time with Grandma and Pop-pop. They love catching fireflies at night with them. Grandma takes them quite regularly to the library. I have lost count of how many chapter books Naomi has already finished this summer. She is getting to be quite a reader! Kaylee had a request for me to send her mermaids among other things to her but then couldn't understand why they didn't show up overnight. They are enjoying getting to know their cousins (my brother John's kids). And they think it is neat to meet people who knew their mommy when she was younger. Kaylee's Sunbeam teacher was actually in young women's with me. And of course lots of people in my parent's ward have told the girls that they look just like me!!

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