Monday, July 5, 2010

Animals at the Zoo

Being at the Houston zoo five days a week, I get to take pictures of lots of animals and learn their names. Here are a few of the many pictures I have taken so far at the zoo. Please pardon my spelling, I probably misspelled some of the animals names.

Smaug (our komodo dragon eating a goat)

Lou (female tenrec, related to a hedgehog; presentation only not on exhibit)

Kito (one of our male cheetahs) and Taji (our female Anatolian Shepherd)

Pandu our male tiger

Kam Balam (male jaguar)

Cocoy (female jaguar)

Mandi (one of our female mandrills)

Hannah (female binturong; she is only for presentations you will not see her on exhibit)

Baylor (our newest baby elephant; what a cutie I love to watch him play with one of the other elephants Tucker)

One of our Andean aka spectacled bears (Can't remember his name)

Boomer or Bailey (one of our Grizzly Bears; sorry I don't know how to tell them apart yet)

Hana (our female tiger)

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