Monday, July 5, 2010

When it rains at the zoo...

During the summer at the Houston zoo, some of the animals especially the cats like to hide because of the heat. Last Thursday and Friday, Houston got some very heavy rains. During one of the lighter parts of the rain shower, we put ponchos on our campers and headed out into the zoo. And we were rewarded with a special treat. All of the cats were out and active either pacing in their cages or sitting up on top of the rocks. I was really excited to see one of the cougars. The cougars are pretty new to the zoo and I had yet to see them so far. They are pretty hard to find and are usually not down where you can see them. A funny story, I had walked over to the cougar exhibit to see if I could see a cougar. I looked but couldn't see one so I started to walk back to the jaguars when I had this feeling someone was following me. I turned around and there was the female cougar following me right by the glass. When I stopped, she stopped right in front of me. I think she thought I was her lunch. Good thing she was behnid the glass. Here are some pictures of the cats we saw during the rain. (PS: If you live in Houston and are planning a trip to the zoo, I would suggest going when it rains. You will probably need your rain boots and umbrella but you will definitely see a lot of animals and as a bonus there is hardly anyone there!!!)
Cocoy the female jaguar (Usually the jags are hanging out in their cave and they only come out during a keeper chat. Today they were up on top by their waterfall. Pretty amazing!!)
Female cougar (Kind of spooky how she was following me as I walked)

One of the ocelots

Ivy (black spotted leopard)

Our other spotted leopard

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