Friday, February 12, 2010

When Grandma Comes to Town...

My mom came into town on January 22nd. She was only supposed to be here for the weekend. However, on Saturday night the girls complained that she was not visiting long enough. When Grandma explained she would have to pay money to change her ticket, the girls went and got their piggy banks and started counting how much money they had. Well, that sealed it Grandma decided to stay until the next Saturday. Grandma decided to use her visit here to work with Naomi on some sewing projects. Naomi was able to finish her quilted pillow top and a skirt. Grandma made a matching skirt for Kaylee. Both girls really enjoy spending time with Grandma. And Naomi loves to sew with Grandma. While Grandmas was here, she had the opportunity to go to Naomi's school and help with the Science lab.
Naomi's pillow
Sewing her skirt

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