Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards

Just call me Ms. Suzy Homemaker. I love doing crafty things. This year I decided to make Naomi's valentine cards to give to her classmates. I had a sample of a lollipop cover that I wanted to make but I could not find any lollipops at WalMart or HEB. So I became overly ambitious and made chocolate candy lollipops to put inside the lollipop covers. Naomi helped with the coloring and writing her name and I put the valentine's together. Both grandmas also helped by assisting making the lollipops and putting the lollipops into bags. What do you think? Naomi's teacher said I went over the top with them.
Three of the lollipop designs
The front of the lollipop covers (yellow/green for the boys and blue/pink for the girls)

Back of the lollipop covers

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Jason and Lissa said...

Wow! Awesome! You could do that as a side business. I'd buy from you! :)