Friday, February 12, 2010

100th day of School

Last week was Naomi's 100th day of school. Her elementary school had a huge 100 day celebration. The students had the option of making a 100 day shirt. And of course Naomi wanted to make one. She decorated her sweatshirt with 100 stick on hearts. Since Grandma Braithwaite was in town, Grandma went over to help with the 100 day activities. Some of the activities was making a 100 day mix and the 100 day parade. Naomi and Grandma had a wonderful time. Naomi told her teacher she can't wait for the next 100 day celebration. Since Grandma Brown was also there, she came over to have lunch with Naomi and Grandma Braithwaite. (Naomi has become quite spoiled with all of her grandparents in town. She has had visitors at lunch quite frequently these past two weeks.) Thanks both sets of grandparents for making Naomi feel special.

Naomi's 100 day shirt
Naomi and her friends lining up for the parade

Both grandmas and Naomi at lunch

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