Thursday, October 21, 2010

Indoor Camp-out

When Naomi had her sleep-over last month, Kaylee was really bummed. She didn't understand why she could not go too. So I decided, we needed to do something to make staying home without Naomi fun. Kaylee and I decided to have a sleep-over in the family room. Kaylee got really in to it and decided that she wanted a camp out. We set up the girls play tent and found Kaylee's sleeping bag. Kaylee wanted to have a fire outside her tent, but I convinced her that having a fire in the middle of the family room was not a very smart idea. I did, however, buy her some yummy strawberry marshmallows. Kaylee and I had a lot of fun. I think she would not mind Naomi being gone again.
Kaylee eating her marshmallows and watching a movie

Kaylee all set up for her camp-out

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Kim and Darren said...

Fun!! Love the tent. Wish I could campout in a living room somewhere. Let Kaylee know how jealous I was when I saw these pictures. :)