Monday, October 4, 2010

Friday Night Lights

On a Friday (or Saturday) night from September to December, you can usually find our family sitting in the bleachers watching my high school's football game. Since I teach mostly seniors, the majority of my students are on some varsity sport or other. I enjoy going to the football games every week and seeing my students (football players, cheerleaders, brigade members, band, and drill team) show off their talents. And my students love to know that I am there in the stands supporting them. Every week my students ask if I am going to the game that week. A couple weeks ago, I happened to be sitting two rows back from our bench. It was neat to see the smile on my football players faces when the realized that I had come to watch them play. Here are a few pictures of David and the girls from this season.
Kaylee decided that David needed to wear her ears and she needed to wear his hat

Naomi smiling in the stands

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Kim and Darren said...

Awesome!! I miss high school football games!! Looks like fun.