Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kids in the Candy Store

Every year as part of my class, my students get to set up and maintain a fish tank. Every year, I get to play the mean parent and reign my students in from their grandiose ideas for their tanks!! This year is no exception. My students are like kids in a candy store. I have lost track of how many times I have had to say NO!! (i.e. No piranhas, No sea horses, No sharks, No octopus, No electric eel, No lionfish). And then I have students that want a bigger tank than what I have to offer and so they want to bring tanks in from home. I even have some students that are buying their own fish tank to bring to class. I had to put a stop to this because pretty soon I will have nothing but fish tanks in my classroom and no place for my students to sit!!! And then you should see all the things they want to decorate their tank with. Updates will definitely be following of how many tanks I finally end up having, fish they end up buying, and of course pics of the tanks. ;o)

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