Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of First Grade

Yesterday was Naomi's first day of first grade. She is so excited for school this year. I think she had everything ready to go at least four days before school started. She has a really sweet teacher. And her best friend from last year, Nicole, is in her class again this year. Nicole's mom and I were both relieved to see that they were in the same class again.

On Sunday, we decided to put Naomi's hair in curlers. But alas... that lasted until midnight when she realized that curlers are just too uncomfortable to sleep with. I have to agree with her. I can still remember the difficulty I have had trying to fall asleep with curlers in my hair. (Hmm... is that why you see little old ladies wandering around the stores with curlers in their hair during the daytime?) I was able to get one of my teacher friends to cover the first part of my first period so that I could bring Naomi to her class for her first day. I did a quick drop-off, took a couple quick pictures and left. When she got off the bus in the afternoon, she was all smiles. She loved her first day. Here are the pictures of preparing for and her first day. (It is amazing to compare her first day pictures from this year to her first day pictures from last year!!)
Naomi in her curlers that lasted till midnight
Naomi at her desk

Naomi and in the row behind her, her best friend Nicole

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