Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Can I Help...

You never know how many friends you truly have until a crisis happens. I truly did not realize I had so many friends here in Texas. I have had so many people offer to help once they heard about David's condition. I am truly thankful for everyone who has called and offered help and showed concern for David and I. It is such a comfort to me to know that I have so many people willing to help me right now. One question that has been repeated by so many has been, "How can I help?" I don't know if it is my pride or feeling that I am being selfish or greedy or me thinking that my problem is not that serious to ask for others help. So I usually don't tell people what I need. But since many have asked, here are some things that have gone through my mind:
1. The occasional dinner meal. (I only have 1 day left in my sick bank so I can't take time off work right now. After working all day long, coming home and having to make dinner is the last thing I want to do. And yet I feel petty saying this because there are so many single moms out there that do this every day on a regular basis.)
2. Someone to drive with me when I go see David. (I feel selfish mentioning this one too. But after a visit with him, I am so drained all I want to do is cry.)
3. Time for myself. (Visiting David and taking care of the girls gets so draining that I really need some time to myself that I can just veg and escape reality even for a few minutes.)
4. Oh yes, and help with the girls. (I really don't need to mention this one because I have already had so many people offer to watch the girls.)

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