Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Naomi's elementary school is close to soo many things that she has the opportunity to go on a lot of walking field trips. This past week Naomi's class walked to a Pumpkin Patch that was sponsored by one of the local churches in the area. Naomi's class was walking during my conference time so I went over and was one of the chaperone's. We walked a couple blocks to the pumpkin patch. While we were there at the pumpkin patch, a helper read a couple Halloween stories. Then the kids got to walk around the pumpkin patch a little bit before heading back to school. Naomi and I really enjoyed ourselves. I am grateful that Naomi's school is so close to mine and I had the opportunity to share this experience with her.

Naomi and one of her friends

Listening to a pumpkin story

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