Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ballerinas and Mermaids, Oh My

Last night, on Halloween, was our ward trunk-or-treat. Naomi wanted to be a ballerina and Kaylee wanted to be a mermaid. When Arielle (my sister) was little, my mom made her a mermaid costume. My parents still have it somewhere so we thought we would just use that for Kaylee. However, we could not find it yesterday so we decided to have her be a ballerina too. My mom made both girls beautiful fluffy tutus. However, when we woke up Kaylee from her nap to get her dressed for the trunk-or-treat she was in tears. Kaylee did not want to be a ballerina! She wanted to be a mermaid! So my wonderful mom flew into action and tried to make a really fast set of mermaid tails. By the time I was ready to go, Kaylee was feeling better about being a ballerina and we headed off to trunk-or-treat. My dad was not home and we had no room for my mom in our car so she stayed home and worked on the tail. When we got to the church, David called my mom to see if she would like for him to go back and pick her up. She said yes and he went back to get her. She furiously finished making the mermaid tail and brought them with her. When she showed up, she gave Kaylee her mermaid tail. Kaylee was ecstatic. However, she still wanted to be a ballerina. We did get one picture of her as a mermaid.

The girls as ballerinas

Kaylee as a ballerina

Naomi as a ballerina

Kaylee as a mermaid


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures! They sure are getting big. How are you? What has been going on in your life? Hope you are doing well.

The Hunsakers said...

Darling. I really like the mermaid tail. Your mom did a great job.