Sunday, September 21, 2008

Naomi's Eye

The day before IKE hit, we brought Naomi to see the second pediatric opthamologist. Well, the good news is that we don't have to have any more diagnostic testing. The bad news is that Naomi is definitely blind in her left eye. The diagnosis is hypoplasia (sp?) of the left optic nerve. Unlike the first specialist who thought the nerve never fully formed. This doctor is 100% sure that her nerve never developed in her left eye. However, she told us that she can do everything that a normal person can do including driving. The only restriction is that she can not play any small ball sports (i.e. baseball, tennis, racquetball, softball, ping-pong, etc). Of course, Naomi is perfectly fine with that. The reason for that restriction is since she is strictly monovision she has no depth perception and catching a small ball would be extremely difficult. Therefore, it leaves her susceptible to getting hit in her good eye. And if that were the case any damage to the right eye would make her blind. Also as a preventive measure, the Dr. wants Naomi to wear safety glasses at all times. She said Naomi might not wear them because she might not see the purpose in them but she wants us to try and protect her right eye as much as possible. The safety glasses look just like regular glasses but they have very heavy duty polycarbonate lenses. We went to a really neat place to order them and let Naomi pick them out. Naomi was very opinionated when it came to her glasses and she wanted light pink. We were supposed to get them last week but due to IKE we are not sure when they will arrive. We will post a picture of her in them when we get them.

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