Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Rid of Our Crutches

Kaylee has been potty trained since this summer. However, we never got rid of her "potty" froggy in our downstairs bathroom. Even though, Kaylee can use a regular toilet just fine whenever she used our downstairs bathroom she would use her frog. In fact, if something was in front of the frog preventing her from using it, she would run to another bathroom in the house instead of using the regular toilet in that bathroom. Recently she has gotten quite lazy about emptying her frog after using it. So this past weekend I put it out in the garage. And wouldn't you know it. She is using the regular toilet in that bathroom now. This gave me some food for thought. How many of us have "crutches" in our life that we continue to hold on to? How much better off would we be if we just removed the crutch. If we continue to hang on to our crutch, we will continue to use said crutch. But if it is no longer there, we can't use it. And once we do get rid of our crutch we need to make sure not to reintroduce it into our lives. So right now I am evaluating my life and trying to rid myself of some of my crutches.

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