Friday, August 14, 2009

Houston it's hot

When living in Houston, you pray that your AC runs properly all summer. Ours was working just fine until Wednesday night when it decided to not work. We have a home warranty company and talked to them yesterday but the earliest the AC people could come was this morning. So the last two nights we have slept in a HOT HOT house. It was 87 last night. The AC guy came today and our compressor is bad. It is covered by our warranty but we have to pay disposal fees and freon to the tune of $325. Ouch! Instead of replacing the compressor they are going to replace the whole unit for the same price. However the only problem is that it is going to take between 3 days to a week to get a new unit for us. We definitely can not live in the house that hot. I talked to my sister and even though her and her husband live in a 1 bedroom apartment they are willing to let us hang there until the AC is replaced. Only problem is what to do about the dog and 2 cats. Personally I think the house is too HOT!! I checked on them after work today and it was 94 in our house. YIKES!! Don't you just love trials?

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cesar said...

I stumbled upon your blog and admire your religious beliefs. Its so awesome to see you just weather everything that is going on in your life , like when you had that plumbling problem , and left it to God. I am praying at the moment that MHMRA gives me a call very soon because money is .. well I don't have much of it. I pray the best for you and your family. God bless.