Monday, September 19, 2011

Definitely a Monday

Today was definitely a Monday at school or should I say work. It should have been a relatively laid back Monday since I was giving a test today. However, I remembered early this morning that I forgot to run off the answer sheet for the test. So as soon as I got to my classroom, I sent the copies to the printer. No biggie, except I did not realize that my word file had a blank page after my answer sheet page. Needless to say I ran off 150 blank pages that I had to sort from the answer sheet. ARGH!! And of course, I was my regular self and had a typo on the test but this time the typo was kind of a big one. Opps!! Then during my 2nd period class, one of the fish tank groups decided to do a water change. Not a problem except that they did not screw the hose on to the faucet properly and water was squirting all over the electrical outlets. Not good!!! After they fixed the hose problem, they ran out of time to fill their tanks back up to the proper level. I told them that I would go ahead and fill their tanks so they would not be late for class. The first tank fill-up was taken care of without a problem. The second fill-up did not go so well. I got so busy starting my next class that I forgot about the 2nd tank until one of my students asked me if I was aware that the tank was overflowing. Oh yeah, I definitely felt like Noah. I had a major flood. And by the way school paper towels are not efficient for cleaning up a flood of this magnitude!!!

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