Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scripture Stories

A couple of years ago, I bought the Book of Mormon scripture stories on DVD for the girls. We really love this DVD. It is not animated but it shows each picture from the scripture stories book and a narrator reads the verse that goes along with that chapter. This was a really good investment because it kept the girls interest better than David and I reading to them from the book. Now that Naomi is reading, she really wants to read the scriptures by herself. When I was up at the Distribution center, I found the collection of Scripture Stories on DVD and as bonus it has an interactive CD-ROM of the Book of Mormon that goes with it. I absolutely love the CD-ROM. It has two ways to use it. You can either have it read to you or the child can read it by themselves. The really cool part is that if the child is reading it by themselves and they come across a word they don't know they can click on the word and a voice pronounces it for them. Naomi loves this. She loves being able to sit at my computer and read the Book of Mormon all by herself. I really think that this set is a great investment and the best part is that it only cost $7.25. Wow, what a good deal!!! You can buy it from the distribution center or if you can't get to one you can visit the distribution center online. This is what it looks like. Enjoy!

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