Sunday, March 22, 2009

Potty Training Break-Through

I have not pushed Kaylee too much to potty train because she has not been interested. She will sit on the toilet for a few seconds but never really goes. Yesterday we hit a major milestone with her potty training. She stayed dry for 7 hours. We went to Brenham yesterday as a family to look at the bluebonnets. We had her go to the bathroom before we left. She did not go but it was a good try and every time we stopped for someone to go to the bathroom we brought Kaylee. We don't think she went any of those times but she stayed dry which was amazing. Right before we left the restaurant in Brenham David brought Kaylee to the restroom again and this time she went. She was so excited and proud of herself. We stopped at the Wal-Mart in Brenham to get her a small reward for actually going potty in the toilet. (And at Naomi's suggestion bought her some Ariel panties.) She was so proud of herself. On the way home, Kaylee fell asleep and we were desperately hoping she would be down for the night. However, right as we pulled into our development she started waking up and squirming. I thought we were doomed but I asked Kaylee if she had to go potty and she said uh-huh. So as soon as we got home we went straight to the potty. And amazingly she went poo-poo. We were all very impressed. After she went to the bathroom she went to her room and fell asleep. Hopefully this is a start in a new direction for her potty training.

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Erica Huff said...

Hooray! I hope things continue to go well. Oh.....I do not like potty training. Good luck!